Sunday, March 6, 2011

This? ..or that?

blush or bronzer: bronzer! all the way! because it could be used all over the face, for contouring, or even on the cheeks where blush is usually applied.
lip gloss or lipstick: lip gloss!
eye liner or mascara: oh boy... i love eyeliner but id have to choose mascara. since i wouldn't wear eyeliner with no mascara!
foundation or concealer: foundation. you can always build on it where you need more coverage :]
neutral or color eye shadow: neutral. but i do love coloured shadows as well! especially for the lower lash line, with a neutral look.
pressed or loose eye shadows: pressed, for sure! definitely quicker and less messy to work with.
brushes or sponges: brushes. 

OPI or china glaze: OPI... the brushes and formula are really nice! 
Long or short: short. since my idea of long is probably what short is to many people, haha!
Acrylic or natural: natural! 
Brights or darks: ahhh! i like ALL nail colours! but at the moment, i'd definitely say brights!
Flower or no flower: no flower. 

perfume or body splash: perfume! i only like body splash/spray for right when i come out of the shower.
lotion or body butter: hmm, body butter for legs but lotion for everywhere else!
body wash or soap: body wash. 
lush or other bath company: LUSH!! (for their facial masks), but maybe i'd choose other bath company if I could only shop at one or the other for the rest of my life.

jeans or sweat pants: jeans. but sweatpants/pjs whenever i'm at home!
long sleeve of short: long sleeve. 
dresses or skirts: dresses.
stripes or plaid: plaid!
flip flops or sandals: flip flops. generally quicker to put on and more comfortable to wear, even though I think sandals could look a lot nicer/more put together.
scarves or hats: scarves! I love scarves! :D !
studs or dangly earrings: studs. (well, pearls)
necklaces or bracelets: necklaces! ..and rings..
heels or flats: flats! but if i wear a dress somewhere nice, i definitely will be wearing heels!
cowboy boots or riding boots: riding boots, although i don't own either.
jacket or hoodie: hoodie!
forever 21 or charlotte russe: forever 21, since i have never been to a charlotte russe.
abercombie or Hollister: ahhh i dislike both actually. if i HAD to choose, I think Abercrombie is a little nicer. 
saks 5th or nordstrom: im not sure. haven't been to either of these.

curly or straight: when my hair's straight, it's a lot easier to manage...especially bc the end result is a lot more predictable than when I style my hair curly.
bun or ponytail: low bun if my hair's curly, high/mid ponytail if it's straight!
bobby pins or butterfly clips: bobby pins. although i always lose them!
hair spray or gel: spray. 
long or short: long!
light or dark: well, my hair is inbetween. so, medium! ha ha
side sweep bangs or full bangs: side swept bangs, no doubt about it! but i love the way full bangs look on some people!
up or down: down.

Rain or shine: shine! but i love rain when i'm in bed about to sleep!
Summer or winter: winter! i love Christmas and dislike weather that is unbearably hot!  :)
Fall or spring: FALL! I LOVE FALL!
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla!
East coast or west coast: i guess i'll say.... east coast!

What would you choose?

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