Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Nails

     Although I love wearing colorful nail polish all year round, it's especially beautiful during the season of spring (perfect for summer as well of course!). I decided to make a post, showing what colours I really enjoy wearing going into spring. Keep in mind that I definitely wear these colours during summer, fall, and winter as well (including neutrals and dark shades), but just in case you are looking for a little inspirations, here are a few of my picks! 
     In the spring, i especially love lighter, paler colours of nail polish because it reminds me of the Easter season. I feel that pastel colours have been very trendy this year, especially. You will notice that i also included some brighter colours as well, just because I LOVE them! Ha ha. But spring nail trends for 2011 that you could expect to see are creamy, pastel colours with very little to no shimmer.

Each colour in the photo above - Starting from the OPI colour (orange), going clockwise.
  • OPI - In My Back Pocket (a softer, but bright orange from the paige denim brights collection in 2009) 
  • OPI - Ogre the Top Blue (a rich electric blue from the Shrek collection)
  • OPI - Rumple's Wiggin' (from the Shrek collection - this polish is actually not mine, I borrowed it from a friend but I think its gorgeous for spring! looks JUST like Lilacism by Essie, LaceyLilac by Salley Hansen Xtreme Wear, and Light as Air by China Glaze)
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish - Steel Grey (it's a greyish-brown shade, a PERFECT dupe of Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic)
  • Color Club - Orange Revenge (a gorgeous, very vibrant neon orange)
  • Color Club - Sexsea (an amazing coral-red colour)
  • Color Club - Twiggy (a beautiful soft leafy green)
  • L'oreal Paris - 606 Ocean Breeze (this was limited edition from a summer collection, but it's a bright but soft looking baby blue. Looks a lot like 27 Brisk Blue Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen)
  • Sephora by OPI - I'm Wired (given to me for my birthday last year. It's a really pretty pinky coral color - also great for summer!)
  • China Glaze - For Audrey (one of my new favourite nail colours! It looks just like the tiffany blue colour, also very similar to Essie's Turquoise and Caicos)
    Left to right: Steel Grey, Rumple's Wiggin',
    Ogre the Top Blue, In My Back Pocket
    Left to right: 606 Ocean Breeze, Twiggy, Sexsea, Orange Revenge
    Left to right: For Audrey, I'm Wired

    Since I am currently wearing one of the colours mentioned above, here is Rumple's Wiggin' on my nails! 

         Here are more nail colours that I absolutely love and would totally recommend for the spring time as well. Since I unfortunately don't own any of these colours, I found these photos online to show you. Here they are:
    OPI - Canberra't Without You
    A peachy nude, perfect if you're looking for a nude but with just a hint of colour.

    OPI Pink-A-Doodle 
    A pale, muted pink. 
    China Glaze - Refresh Mint
    A very creamy, clean pastel green.
    (Slightly similar to For Audrey by China Glaze (listed above),
    but more green, rather than sea foam blue.)
    *A great, cheaper dupe for this shade is Minted by Relvon.
    China Glaze - Something Sweet
    A girly pale pink with a hint of lilac purple. (Almost a very muted bubble gum pink)
    China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
    A pale (but slightly brightened) lemon-yellow.
    Essie - Mint Candy Apple
    Quite similar to Refresh Mint by China Glaze, but slightly more
    of a very pale green with hints of blue. 

    have fun painting your nails! 
    xoxo, Bianca.


    1. These are awesome picks and get me so excited for spring!

    2. Thanks ! As i was typing this up i couldnt help but think of how badly i want to go nail polish shopping and get some more spring colours!

    3. omg I am in love with For Audrey by China Glaze and Rumple's Wiggin by OPI. I want them!!

    4. haha yeah i love them! they go on pretty opaque in one coat. perfect colour opacity in 2 coats. i'd recommend them!

    5. Hi! I clicked your link from :)Love all of those colors! Spring/summer nail colors make me so happy. I have For Audrey and it's quickly becoming an all-time favorite.

    6. I really wanna try Refreshment now after seeing this! Thanks for sharing:)

    7. Oooo.... I love all the pinky colors