Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Makeup Essentials (what I love)

         Of course, what is essential to me in my makeup kit may not be necessities to you at all. However, I wanted to share some of my favourite everyday products. No, i do not wear this every single day, but they are pretty much what I will use if I am going for a simple or quick makeup routine. This post will only include what products I love for cheeks (including a bronzer, blush colour, and highlighting powder), and my eyes (eyeliner-a pencil and a gel liner, mascara).

If I am getting ready in a hurry and want to wear makeup (but am too lazy to do my eyeshadow, ha ha) I focus on my cheeks as the main interest of my makeup look. This includes a bronzer, a blush colour, and always a highlighting powder. However, depending on what I feel like wearing, I will use my bronzing powder on my cheeks and skip a blush colour completely. When I do wear blush though, it's always a peachy or soft pink colour. I don't always use the one I included in this blog post, but I think the colour is a perfect representation of what I love to wear! These are the products that I like to use to achieve my desired cheek look:

Bronzing powder - Stila Sun (shade 02)

Blush colour- NARS Cream Blush (Penny Lane)

Highlighting powder- NARS Highlighting Powder (Albatross)

This is what they look like, swatched on my skin:
Stila bronzer, NARS cream blush, NARS highlighting powder.

Even if you are going "all out" with your makeup that day, (i'm talking eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip products, etc) don't forget about your cheeks! They are an important part to your face, and using products mentioned above can help define your cheeks by adding definition (with bronzer + blush), and highlights by bringing light to the places on your face where you apply your highlighting powder. I like to apply my highlighting powder on the very top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose (lightly), on my cupids bow, and on my brow bones, since these are the key points to the face where light will naturally hit. 

Once again, the following products are what I like to use when I'm in a hurry (or just don't feel like doing much with my makeup that day!) When I think of a simple makeup look, I think of three words; clean, defined, and minimal. Even though I have light skin and light-medium brown hair, I do use black eyeliner and very black mascara. Doing so, adds more drama with less product. (Less product, more impact!)

Mascara- L'oreal Voluminous (carbon black)
Pencil Eyeliner- Revlon ColorStay (black)
Gel liner- MAC Fluidline Eyeliner (blacktrack)
Liner Brush by Sephora (for application of gel liner)

Here is another image of the fluidline - for texture:

Here is an image of the two eyeliners, side by side, swatched on my skin - to compare intensity:
Revlon Colorstay, MAC blacktrack fluidline.

What products are essential to you and your daily (or any) makeup routine?


  1. I am trying to find a new highlighter. Would you recommend the Albatross by Nars? Or do you have any other favorites? Thanks :) and I have enjoyed reading you blog!

  2. Thanks!! My favorites so far that i've tried are Nars albatross and benefit highbeam.

    the two are just a little different.
    nars- in powder form, and it's white but when you blend it, its a pearly white with a noticeable golden sheen (but it's sheer, dont worry!)
    benefit highbeam- its a liquidy creamy product and it's like a pearly pale pink with silvery reflects.

    i have fair to light skin with pinkish undertones, and both of these suit me. however i think that albatross is nice for medium tones, and high beam would be more for lighter tones. (but either one works universally and looks beatifulll!)
    personally, i like albatross better! its more noticeable and is quicker to apply (in my opinion) since it's powder. the other thing is, with the packaging of benefit highbeam, it's hard to get product out once you get to the last bit of product! :(

    both of these products are about $30 at sephora, but if u didnt want to spend the money, i also sometimes use an eyeshadow! i like to use very pale shimmery pinks, and pearly (not too chalky looking) whites!

    good luck!

  3. Thanks for all of the information! I think I am leaning towards the Nars highlight. I like how you mentioned it is easier to apply. I typically need something quick. I am currently using eyeshadows and as much as I love the effect I think it is time to invest in one. You are certainly right though eyeshadows can work just as well. Thank you again :)

  4. No problem! Yeah, it really depends on what you find easier.
    A lot of people find cream products quicker to apply (bc they can use their fingers and quickly blend it in.)
    But for me, a powder product (a highlight, at least) is easier/quicker because i put it on very last, and i dont have to worry about it moving throughout the day. (which a creamy product might if you dont set it with powder-especially in the summer months) I use a small brush to apply it, but you can also use ur fingertips if thats easy for you. no rules with makeup :)

    Not a problem! happy to help :D