Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring 2011 Makeup Trends

The colours become brighter, and the weather will be warming up! SPRING is in the air and a new season calls for new trends, new looks, and a new you! With a little bit of observation and browsing the internet, these are some trends that you should expect to see during spring this year! (never feel obligated to follow a trend that you don't feel has "YOU" written all over it, whoever "YOU" may be!)

Out with the neutrals and in with the colour! Bright eye shadow colours are seen almost annually in the spring and summer, but here are some ways to wear colour without looking like you just got in a paint fight!
Colour on the bottom, neutral on top! This look can easily be achieved by smudging a bright colored eye pencil or eyeshadow to your lower lash line. When using a pencil, it is a good idea to set it with the same coloured eyeshadow so that it won't smudge throughout the day! 
Light wash of a bright eyeshadow could be very flattering. One thing you must remember to do: BLEND! The key to this bright eye is a light wash of the colour. Bright shadows can sometimes be harsh on certain skin tones, and to get a look that is still intense but wearable, blending out the entire look -but mostly the edges of the colour- will give you a beautiful wash of the shadow and give you just the right amount of colour! You want it to be vivid, but not harsh. I really like the look of using one eyeshadow and blending it out, skipping the extra steps of crease and outer corner colours. If you find that the color looks flat, try using a washed out, deeper version of the eyeshadow that you applied over the entire lid to add dimension. 


Bright lips are perfect for spring! From oranges to corals, to reds to bright pinks, pucker up and make a statement!

Even though i'm not one for the bold lip looks, pairing a bright, bold lip with muted eyes is perfect for spring. If you want something a little extra, try a brighter lip with a soft and sultry smokey eye! (like in the photo above) If you're not comfortable wearing an opaque bright lip colour, using a bright colored gloss will add a glossy touch of brightness to your look! (I suggest Lancome juicy tubes and Covergirl wetslicks fruit spritzer lipgloss)  :)

This look is definitely amazing for spring (and summer, and winter, and fall) and it's very easy to accomplish! Key parts to the bronzed look would be dewy skin, bronzed cheeks with a subtle sheen, and smudgy smokey bronzey eyeshadow! 
The one thing I love about a look like this is that it's quick! Also, a look like this is universally flattering. Keep in mind, with something like this, it's easy to double up your bronzing powder as an eyeshadow! 

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