Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Makeup Essentials

Now that the cold, drying weather is gone, it's time to put down your rich moisturizers and cream blushes, and grab some SPF! Here are some products that are suggested for anyones summer beauty kits:

  • Daily moisturizer with SPF
I cannot stress enough how important it is to apply sunscreen to your face. Although everyone should throughout the entire year, this is an especially important product for summer. The SPF will protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, which will help prevent skin damage as well as pre mature aging. (Also note, it's important to wear sunscreen over your entire body if you are going to be in the sun at all!). As far as facial moisturizers go, I have enjoyed the basic ones from Garnier (Moisture Rescue with SPF15 is good for combo skin), and by L'oreal (Future - e with SPF 15). 

  • Waterproof eyeliner
Although you can definitely get away with wearing washable mascara in the summer, I do like to use a waterproof eyeliner. Waterproof eyeliners come in every formula (pencil, liquid, gel, cream, etc) and many brands (drug store and high end) carry these. Some of my favorites are:
MAC fluidline eyeliner in blacktrack, L'oreal telescopic waterproof liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil, and Revlon Colorstay pencil. 
Another fun idea for summer, is to use colored eyeliner pencils. Urban Decay has a bunch of bright liners to choose from, and many brands carry colored cream liners as well.

  • Setting powder
Sometimes during the colder weather months it is easy to apply a foundation, without setting it with powder. However, the summer can be hot, sunny, and humid as well so it is important to apply some powder to absorb excess oils and keep shine away. Almost every makeup brand will carry a blotting powder or setting powder. If you want a powder that will even out your skin tone and give you some coverage, try MAC Studio Fix powder plus. If you're looking for something to just control oils and prevent shine, you should try Covergirl's line of face powders, or a loose translucent powder from Marcelle.

  • Blotting papers
Ok, blotting papers are not necessarily an essential but they are good to have on hand if if you tend to have oily skin, or you're going to be out and about all day. These can be found pretty much anywhere; drug stores (clean&clear makes some), Sephora, MAC, etc. Basically, if your skin is feeling too dewy or oily, you just take out a paper and blot your skin with it. These magical little papers suck up all the extra oils from your face, leaving your skin fresher, shine & oil free.

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